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This summary is intended as a general overview of a typical house purchase, and to identify the typical procedures followed. Prepare a checklist and go through them one by one before making any decisions.

Below are some pointers that might be able to help you consider before choosing your dream home.

  1. Develop a financial plan that is affordable to your budget and relative to the property
  2. Consider buying a home that you can sell at a profit
  3. What are the pre-requisites that you need for your dream home? List them down
  4. Do not hesitate to call our Sales Advisors who can advise you on your choice of location & budget
  5. Visit & compare properties that are on sale/launch. Decide carefully, weigh the pros and cons as it will be a long-term commitment
  6. Browse through & study the classified advertisements in the papers for existing properties to make comparisons on specifications and market price

Some additional tips that you should take note before making your choice:

  1. Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  2. Insurance
  3. Stamp duty and Legal Fees on Loan Agreement
  4. Stamp Duty on Transfer
  5. Schedule of Payment
  6. Handing Over of Keys
  7. Certificate of Fitness